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Monument Musings

For the past two years, I have researched, followed and spoken out about new threats to our public lands. Living in the Southwest, and working all over the West, I fell in love with the national parks, wilderness areas, and began studying archaeology and art. Petroglyphs and pictographs are found in so many places, and as the federal government expanded national monuments and invited Native American tribes and others who love the land to help protect these vast areas, I felt enriched. Then came the orders to trim so many wild places.

As an artist, I am creating larger works of art based on the powerful landscapes and spectacular colors found in the Southwest. Two years ago I began a series of paintings expressing the beauty I found in these places. "Monumental" is the title of this new series, and in a year or two, I hope to exhibit the work undertaken to help people understand the risks to these places.

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